North Korea planning new nuclear test

Updated: July 14, 2024 Published: 2016-02-08

( - Seoul warns of new provocations as Pyongyang demonstrates its defiance of United Nations and international community

North Korea is preparing to conduct another underground nuclear test in an escalation calculated in defiance of the United Nations and the international community, according to South Korea.
Seoul's intelligence agency issued a warning Monday that Pyongyang was moving toward what would be his fifth nuclear test, just one day after the regime went ahead with testing a long-range ballistic missile, Yonhap news reported.
In its previous nuclear test, on 6 January, North Korea detonated what it says was a hydrogen bomb, but international experts have rejected that suggestion.
Pyongyang's latest provocations have been met with unanimous condemnation - even from allies China and Russia long ago - but a new nuclear test actually demonstrate what the regime of Kim Jong-un, thought to criticism.
Immediately after the missile launch Sunday, South Korea put its forces on high alert for any alleged threat from the North.
At a meeting of the National Security Council on Sunday, Park Geun-hye, the president of South Korea, said: "The security of South Korea and its people are in danger, since no one knows the irresponsible provocations North Korea will.
Shortly after dawn on Monday, a North Korean patrol boat crossed the maritime border off the west coast of the Korean peninsula. South Korean vessel fired several warning shots before the warship through the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea was withdrawn.
Meeting in New York on Sunday, the Security Council of the UN strongly condemned the North Korean decision to ignore previous UN resolutions and international public opinion and move on with missile launch Sunday morning.
Describing the launch as a "serious violation" Rafael Dario Ramirez Carreno, the ambassador of Venezuela and President of the Council this month, said: "Members of the Security Council strongly condemned the launch."
Flanked by his Japanese and South Korean counterparts, Samantha Power, the US ambassador, he added: "We will ensure that the Security Council imposes serious consequences (North Korea) past transgressions of the DPRK require our response even stronger. ".
North Korea insists that the vehicle was a rocket designed to put an observation satellite orbiting Earth and has a sovereign right to explore and exploit space.
Critics say the rockets share the almost identical technology long-range missiles and that the resolutions of the United Nations explicitly prohibited Pyongyang of conducting such testing dual-use starts with the argument that they are helping North Korean scientists to refine their weapons and marry them for a warhead.
Strengthening the belief that the pitch was a disguised missile test, South Korea has described the satellite was launched into orbit as "worthless.
The satellite weighs about 440 pounds, it becomes twice the weight of the satellite that North Korea launched in 2012, according to the National Intelligence Service of South Korea. A functional satellite usually weighing 1,700 pounds, according to the agency.
South Korea opened talks with the US on the distribution of missile batteries High Altitude Area Defense Terminal to counter the threat posed by North Korean missiles, although China has reacted angrily to the plan.
The Chinese government summoned the ambassador to South Korea on Sunday to protest against Seoul request missile system.
China fears creeping influence in South Korea the United States, but Seoul insists it has the right to decide their own security measures when the lives of its citizens are threatened.

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North Korea planning new nuclear test
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