Thursday, February 27, 2020
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North Korea is Danger For The whole World (Trump )
Warsa/ Barlin : - American president Donald Trump has said that U.S.A will take a severe action against North Korea after their missile tests. He said that all the countries should pressurized Nor
شمالی کوریا دنیا کیلیے خطرہ ہے، سخت جواب دیں گے، امریکی صدر
وارسا / برلن: امریکی صدر ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ نے کہا کہ شمالی کوریا کے میزائل تجربات کے بعد امریکا شمالی کوریا کو سخت جوا
U.S.A Threatens North Korea To Attack
U.S.A threatens North Korea .
American ambassador Nicki Heli has said in a meeting if it necessary we will use the power against North Korea .They will use their fine army force at large scale.
امریکا نے شمالی کوریا پر حملے کی دھمکی دے دی
نیویارک: اقوامِ متحدہ میں امریکی سفیر نکی ہیلی نے سلامتی کونسل کے اجلاس میں کہا ہے کہ اگر ضرورت پڑی تو امریکا ک
North Korea video shows rocket attack on South's president
An official North Korean website has released a new propaganda video portraying a multiple rocket attack on South Korea’s presidential Blue House and other government buildings in Seoul.

France PM warns extreme Islam winning the propaganda war
Prime Minister Manuel Valls said extreme forms of Islam were winning the propaganda war for hearts and minds, warning the veil was being used as a political symbol for the “enslavement of w

Muslim man yells 'Allahu Akbar' terrifying passengers flight
Passengers on board a flight were terrified after a man began shouting “Allahu Akbar” at the top of his voice on an Etihad Airways flight from Abu Dhabi to Manila.

The Muslim man stood next to

Panama Papers: Huge tax leak exposes Putin aides, world lead
A massive leak of 11.5 million tax documents on Sunday exposed the secret offshore dealings of aides to Russian president Vladimir Putin, world leaders and celebrities including Barcelona for

Obama says some criticism of US drone strikes was 'legitimat
US President Barack Obama on Friday acknowledged that some criticism of America’s vast drone program is “legitimate,” and said there is “no doubt” the unmanned aircraft have killed innocent

Chinese flags defaced in Prague ahead of president's visit
Dozens of Chinese flags that had been hung up in the streets of Prague ahead of a landmark visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping were defaced overnight, police said on Saturday.


Woman raped in hospital just hours after becoming a mum
A MOTHER was allegedly raped just hours after traumatically giving birth for the first time in an intensive care unit

The shocking incident took place after the 23-year-old had a C-section to deliv

Teen jailed for gay 'snake murder' in Sweden
Teen jailed for gay 'snake murder' in Sweden
Refugee beat the man to death then wrapped a dead snake around his neck

A 16-year-old refugee who brutally murdered a gay man in Sweden was s

North Korea planning new nuclear test
Seoul warns of new provocations as Pyongyang demonstrates its defiance of United Nations and international community

North Korea is preparing to conduct another underground nuclear test in an escal

New refugee camps go up inside Syria as Turkey stems flow
Turkish aid workers have been setting up tents and distributing supplies for thousands of new Syrian refugees kept from entering Turkey at the border.

Turkey says that refugees are receiving food a

Migrant face £6,000 birth bill under 'health tourism' law
Migrant women face £6,000 birth bill under 'health tourism' laws
Pregnant women living in the UK without papers are having to make tough decisions on access to maternity services, which co

Florida declares Zika health emergency
Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a public health emergency in four counties with travel-related cases of Zika virus, and ordered state authorities to increase efforts to control mosquitoes in

Assange says he will 'accept arrest' on Friday if UN rules
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will accept arrest by British police Friday should the United Nations rule against him in case against UK. Assange says he will 'accept arrest' on Fr Latest Breaking News
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