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France to keep state of emergency until IS defeate

Updated: December 7, 2019 Published: 2016-01-22

( - France to keep state of emergency 'until IS defeated' - PM Valls

France will seek to keep its state of emergency until a "total and global war" against so-called Islamic State (IS) is over, Prime Minister Manuel Valls as per report.
Measures were introduced after the attacks of Paris are led is on 13 November and then extended for three months.
This measure gives police more power to conduct raids and impose house arrest.
Mr. Valls also warned that the migratory crisis of Europe was now putting the European Union itself at risk.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to hold talks with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in Berlin.
EU countries hope Turkey will help control the flow of immigrants to the EU from Syria and other conflict zones.
Interviewed by the chief international correspondent BBC Lyse Doucet, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mr. Valls said France was "at war", which meant "the use of all means in our democracy under the rule of law to protect the French. "
When asked how long I expected the remaining state of emergency, Mr. Valls, said: "The time required can not always live as long in a state of emergency.".
"As long as the threat is there, we must use all means," he said, adding that it should stay in place "until we can get rid of Daesh" using the acronym for SI.
"In Africa, the Middle East, in Asia must be eradicated, remove Daesh" he said. "It's a total, global war we face with terrorism," he added. "The war we are doing must also be total, comprehensive and ruthless.
More than one million immigrants, mostly refugees arrived in Europe last year.
Mr. Valls sais that Europe could not take in all the refugees fleeing what he called terrible wars in Iraq or Syria.
"Otherwise," he said, "our societies will be totally destabilized."
Europe, he said, take urgent measures to control its external borders.
"If Europe is not able to protect their own borders, it is the very idea of ​​Europe to be questioned."
Asked border controls within Europe, which many fear to the Schengen passport-free area at great risk, Mr. Valls said the concept of Europe itself was in very grave danger.
He did not directly of Germany Angela Merkel criticized for his welcoming refugees last year.
Mr. Valls said that "had the courage", but it was clear that he believed his message was incorrect, our correspondent says.
"A message that says," Come, we will welcome 'causes big changes "in the population, says Mr. Valls.
"Today, when we talk about Europe, a few seconds later it is mostly in smartphones in the refugee camps.
The attackers linked to is killed 130 people in coordinated through Paris in November attacks, leading to the first declaration of a state of emergency in France in 10 years.
President Francois Hollande is willing to devote the emergency measures under the Constitution, a measure to do with dual citizenship stripped of their French nationality if convicted of terrorist offenses.
The group of UN experts this week expressed concern that environmental activists were kept under house arrest under the measures, who said "do not seem to conform to the fundamental principles of necessity and proportionality".
On Wednesday, the human rights organization leadership of France called (in French) for the state of emergency to be suspended, calling it "only a short-term measure," adding that it was "highly intrusive to personal freedoms."
"I think we have the means adapted perfectly to the threat," Mr. Valls told the BBC in response to criticism of the measures. "This type of analysis always surprises me. Do you realize we've had 130 dead?"
Mr. Valls said France "could see attacks again", adding that six plots had been thwarted in recent months.

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France to keep state of emergency until IS defeate
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