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Hania Amir

Hania Amir Condems Uzma Khan’s Attackers [Video]

Since the video of Malik Riaz daughters and Uzma Khan went viral, things have been tense on social media. People disagree on...
Amna Usman and Uzma Khan

Mali Riaz Daughter Decides to Divorce Usman Malik Over Uzma Khan Scandal [Video]

Pakistani social media have been hit by a storm since the Uzma Khan and Huma Khan scandal. Many people blame if they...
Aamna Malick

Aamna Malick Reveals She Lost a Family Member to Coronavirus [Video]

We all know that 2020 was not kind to us from the start. Millions of people have been killed by the novel...
BJP Leader wants Virat Kohli to Divorce Anushka Sharma

BJP Leader wants Virat Kohli to Divorce Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma, wife of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, has stepped into film production along with acting and will be featured...
Uzma Khan

Uzma Khan Attacked by Malik Riaz Daughter Viral Video

Actor Uzma Khan filed a complaint against women on Thursday, which she claimed were the daughters of business magnate Malik Riaz after...
Karan Johar

Karan Johar self-isolates after household staff tests positive

According to the filmmaker's statement on Twitter, two employees of Karan Johar's household tested positive for Covid-19. Johar has announced that his...
Zara Abid

Know Everything About Zara Abid – The Model That Escapes Death

Zara Abid is one of the most popular Pakistani models known worldwide for her style and charisma. The sensation of the fashion...
Fatima Effendi Latest Pictures

Fatima Effendi Latest Pictures With Her Cute Sons Mahbir And Almir

فاطمہ افندی نے اپنے پیارے بیٹوں مہبیر اور المیر کے ساتھ...
Saghir Elahi has died due to the global epidemic Corona

Actor Saghir Elahi Dies Due to Corona

KARACHI: The well-known stage, television and film actor Saghir Elahi has died due to the global epidemic Corona. The actor was buried...
Former Miss England her Son’s Bloody Injury After Accident

The Former Miss England Reveals Her son’s Bloody Injury After An Accident

Former Miss England and Danny Jones' wife Georgia announced that their two-year-old son Copper had suffered a painful injury after an accident...

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