Free Online English Urdu Dictionary


Dictionary is the printed form of documents, which gives the meanings of the difficult words of English language, and you can also find the slangs, proverbs, idioms and other words in English language to Urdu language. You can also find the pronunciation of the words so that you can know how to pronounce the words perfectly in English language.

When you read the English paragraph or material, then you may have to read some difficult words, which you may not understand its meaning and you need to find out the meanings of English difficult words, then you get the help of English to Urdu dictionary. This will help you to get perfect English to Urdu translation, which will give perfect meaning of the English words. When you translate the Urdu material in English language, you need to get the help of Urdu to Eng Dictionary. Sometimes people use Roman Urdu while using their mobile phone to write the text messages or on their laptops or PC, then it becomes necessary for them to use Roman Urdu to English dictionary

You can find free English dictionary, which is added with the meaning in Urdu language. The free online dictionary can give the wide variety of difficult words with their meanings and you can find the meanings of words English to Urdu language. If you have some material in Urdu language, you can find Urdu English dictionary,which is provided online for the convenience of the readers. At the time of doing translation from Urdu to English language, you can also find Translate Urdu to English language, which will help you in providing perfect English translation with exact English word, which is used in this language. While reading an English paragraph and find the meanings of the English material in Urdu language, you can get the help of Urdu lughat. The readers will also use Translate English to Urdu at the time of translate any transcript in Urdu language and get the perfect meanings of the English word in Urdu language. In some of the mobile phones or laptop, you will find Urdu keyboard but you can get the help from Urdu Keyboard editor, which is used to type the words in Urdu language and you can get help in translating this Urdu word in English language. You can also find wide range of idioms and slangs in this dictionary, which can help you in understanding the perfect meanings of the words.