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New Baby Born in Corona

Newborns Named Corona Kumar, Corona Kumari, Covid Marie

The parents have made it their business to name their newborns after the persistent virus, apparently unaffected by the prospect that their...
24000 Coronavirus deaths in France

Coronavirus Death Toll of France Surged to 24000

The number of coronavirus deaths in France has exceeded 24,000, but the number of hospitalized and intensive care patients has also declined,...
Northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

China Begins Construction of Airport Under CPEC

China has started construction on the airport in its northwest Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur. The airport is part of the China...
BR Shetty

UAE Govt Seized all Bank Accounts of B. R. Shetty

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (CBUAE) has instructed financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates to search and seize...
Kashmiri Youth Martyred

2 More Kashmiris Martyred by Indian Army in IOK

In their new act of state terrorism, Indian troops killed two other Kashmiri youths in occupied Kashmir. The Indian...
Pakistan China Flags

Chinese Company to Set Up Industrial Unit in Pakistan

Wu Hongzhu, general manager of Qingdao Hongzhu Agriculture Machinery Co. Ltd., said in an interview to Economic Daily-China Economic Net on Tuesday...
Religious Freedom Violation in India

India Declared as ‘Top Religious Freedom Violator’ by USA

In its annual report published last day, the US Commission for International Religious Freedom declared India to be the "top violation of...

Coronavirus Cases Passes One Million in USA

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States rose to 1 million, with coronavirus cases in the United States accounting...
School Reopen in China

Lockdown ends in China, schools reopen

Schools have reopened in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou after the lockdown ended. The children wore interesting hats three feet long...
radar image of the big asteroid

The four-kilometer long rock will pass in front of the earth tomorrow

Scientists have warned that a meteorite about 4 km long will pass in front of the earth tomorrow. A meteor traveling at...

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