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Spain records minimum daily death toll from Covid-19 in 17 days

MADRID: Spain has recorded its minimum one day loss of life from the new coronavirus in 17 days, with 605 individuals biting the dust, the administration said on Friday.

Spanish Capital Madrid Look like in Corona Pandemic Days

The update raised the general number of fatalities to 15,843 in Spain, which has endured one of the most exceedingly awful episodes of COVID-19 on the planet, and where the all out number of affirmed cases currently remains at 157,022.

Spain Situtation due to corona pandemic

The figures demonstrated the passing rate easing back to four % , down from just shy of four % on Thursday in accordance with a pattern which started on March 25 when it remained at over 27%.

The rate of pandemic also slowed, with 4,576 new cases in the past 24 hours, while the number of people who recovered from the virus rose to 55,688.

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