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Pakistan refused to take more afghan refugees

پاکستان نے مزید افغان مہاجرین لینے سے انکار کر دیا

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that Pakistan cannot take any more refugees from Afghanistan because Afghans want to leave the country after the Taliban take power.

In an interview with The Independent, FM Qureshi denounced Pakistan’s failure to set up refugee camps or resettlement facilities for people coming from Afghanistan.

Instead, he said, Pakistan would continue to facilitate the departure of those who want to leave Afghanistan with the right documents.

Qureshi told the publication that Pakistani authorities would consider formal requests from the UK “on a merit basis” for British representation at its embassy in Kabul.

Qureshi said there was no rush on Pakistan’s borders, stressing that people did not need to flee Afghanistan because the country was “peaceful and stable”.

“We have borders. [Pakistan] has been hosting more than three million, nearly four million refugees for decades without any international aid or assistance. We honestly can’t afford to absorb more,” he said. ۔

“Our priority is to keep [Afghans] inside Afghanistan and provide them with security and safety inside Afghanistan,” he said.

He added that any processing facility where Afghan citizens can apply for asylum should be in Afghanistan. “It’s to be there – it’s where it is, it’s their country.”

The foreign minister said Britain should accept the “new reality” in Afghanistan and provide immediate assistance to the Taliban-ruled country, warning that the loneliness of Taliban officials could lead to economic catastrophe, “chaos” and “chaos”. Can Chaos “.

He said Britain and its Western allies were not doing enough to negotiate with the Taliban administration or avert a growing humanitarian crisis, and urged the West to provide supplies without political conditions.

The foreign minister warned that Pakistan was unwilling to accept more Afghan refugees as it was already hosting millions from decades of conflict.


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