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iPhone 13 Apple Watches and iPad Mini First Promo Videos

Apple has unveiled Apple iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch 7 Series and Apple iPad Mini in the recent launch event. Let’s check the first promo video of all new apple products given below.

iPhone 13 Promo Videos

The first video reveals the introduction of iPhone 13 series. The phones are launched with some major changes and upgrades especially when talking about camera and photography experience.

In the first video below, the detailed cinematic details of the camera is given check now.

 This video is captured by iPhone 13 Pro which gives more cinematic view in behind the scenes footage.

In this video, the Oscar Award winner Kathryn Bigelow is speaking about the newly launched Pro models in the series.

iPad Mini Promo Videos

iPad Mini is also unveiled in the Septembers 2021 Launch event organized by Cupertino tech giant. The new iPads come with thin bezels. New iPad Mini also featured with an Air-style Power button/Touch ID combo and it supports the Apple Pencil. 

See the video below, what company is offering in iPad Mini.

Apple Watch Promo Videos                                                          

In the Apple’s Launch event, the Apple Watch 7 series is also disclosed with a number of changes and upgrades.

Here is the complete video for display and durability of the watch.

The Apple has featured Apple watches with QWERTY Keyboard with QuickPath swipe typing and 33% faster charging:

The Apple has offered the improved Fitness+ service in iPhones, iPad and Apple Watches. This service will be available in 15 new countries after this year. See video below to check Apple Fitness+ service.

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