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40000 Rs Prize Bond List No 15 10 December 2020 Hyderabad Winner List

40000 Rs Prize Bond Draw winners has announced at Hyderabad on 10 December 2020, this is the draw no 15. People can get full denomination list of Rs.40000 prize bond on the official website.  As per the spokesman of National Savings the 1st prize of the prize bond 40000 worth 80,000,000 PKR will be given to the one winner while 2nd prize of the prize bond 40000 worth 30,000,000 PKR will be given to 3 lucky winners and similarly the 3rd prize of the prize bond 40000 will be given to 660 participants for Rs. 500,000  PKR- each.

Bond WorthCityDateFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
Rs 40000 PKRHyderabad10-12-202080,000,000 PKR30,000,000 PKR500,000 PKR

1st Prize Bond Number, Prize Amount 80000000 PKR


2nd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 30000000 PKR


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