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Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2021 Sehar and Iftar Timings

The Holy month of Ramadan is started now and the Muslims are going to observe during day time and offer prayer at night time. The majority of Muslim views the Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2021 Sehar and Iftar Timings of their city so that they can keep the timings of their sehar and iftar to avoid any difficulty. With the help of this calendar, you will be able to do fasting after following proper timings of Karachi Ramadan Sehar & Iftar Timings 2021. Ramadan starts from 14 April and this holy month will end on 13 May 2021. The people living in Karachi can view the timings of their Ramadan Sehar & Iftar timings 2021 in Karachi:

104:51 AM6:55 PM14 April 2021
204:50 AM6:55 PM15 April 2021
304:49 AM6:56 PM16 April 2021
404:48 AM6:56 PM17 April 2021
504:47 AM6:57 PM18 April 2021
604:46 AM6:57 PM19 April 2021
704:45 AM6:57 PM20 April 2021
804:44 AM6:58 PM21 April 2021
904:43 AM6:58 PM22 April 2021
1004:42 AM6:59 PM23 April 2021
1104:41 AM6:59 PM24 April 2021
1204:40 AM7:00 PM25 April 2021
1304:39 AM7:00 PM26 April 2021
1404:38 AM7:01 PM27 April 2021
1504:37 AM7:01 PM28 April 2021
1604:36 AM7:02 PM29 April 2021
1704:35 AM7:02 PM30 April 2021
1804:34 AM7:03 PM01 May 2021
1904:33 AM7:03 PM02 May 2021
2004:32 AM7:04 PM03 May 2021
2104:31 AM7:04 PM04 May 2021
2204:30 AM7:05 PM05 May 2021
2304:29 AM7:05 PM06 May 2021
2404:28 AM7:06 PM07 May 2021
2504:28 AM7:06 PM08 May 2021
2604:27 AM7:07 PM09 May 2021
2704:26 AM7:07 PM10 May 2021
2804:25 AM7:08 PM11 May 2021
2904:24 AM7:08 PM12 May 2021
3004:24 AM7:09 PM13 May 2021
Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2021


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