German imam: Girls raped because half-naked

Updated: July 16, 2020 Published: 2016-01-21

( - Warning against women "and add fuel to the fire," the imam of a mosque Salafist Cologne said that the victims of the attacks on New Year's Eve in the city were themselves responsible for their sexual assault, by dressing inappropriately and wear perfume

Speaking to the main Russian TV channels REN, comments Sami Abu-Yusuf Imam occurred over a 12-minute segment with the Russians to date with the latest developments in the invasion of migrants from Europe. Sandwiched between witness-number of migrant riots in Cologne, women apparently being sexually attacked by Arab gangs, and a segment on a wave of interest in self-defense courses in Germany, the Imam told the interviewer: "We have to react adequately, and not to fuel the fire Add ".
They explain in the opinion of Salafist Islam by hundreds of women were groped, sexually assaulted and in some cases raped by gangs of male migrants in cities throughout Germany the Imam said: "The events of New Year's Eve were the own girls fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. Not surprisingly, the men wanted to attack. (Dressing like that) is like adding fuel to the fire. "
The tone of the report said, expressing no surprise that massive Muslim immigration would lead to violence and gang rape. The narrator of the report told viewers that after the events of New Year's Eve was becoming difficult to say who was the country Germany, one belonging to the Muslim or the Germans. He was also expressed the view that the sexual assaults were merely a dress rehearsal for something much bigger to come.
The television interview with a former police officer appeared in the short also expressed concern about mass migration. The official said that the crimes for migrants are not always recorded by the police in Germany, and even when they are not passed up to the government. He tells the interviewer that in his experience of immigrants do not come to Germany for a better life, but they come in groups to participate in organized crime.
Sami Abu-Yusuf is the imam of the Al Tawhid in the Kalk district of Cologne, just one of thousands of such establishments engaged in residential, commercial and industrial properties that serve the booming Muslim population converted Europe. The mosque, which is named as fundamentalist Salafi preaching the creed of Islam was raided by counterterrorism agents in 2004.
A press release from state officials time moved to dissolve a "secret network of Arab mujahideen" is being built by the faithful there, and suspected terrorists are planning attacks in the mosque. Officers in riot gear stormed the mosque suit, while the "Muslim brothers" had by prayers, seizing documents and processing the identities of the people inside the building at the time.
The emergence of Salafism in Europe is a major concern for the security services, as it is considered the purest and original form of Islam and tries to obey the commandments of the Koran literally. Breitbart London recently reported extensively on the activities of extremist Salafi Muslims in Germany, from the mass riots in which hundreds of armed men with kebab skewers, knives and iron bars clashed with police and Kurds in the streets of Hamburg, in hiring strategies, take advantage of recent immigrants.
Breitbart London reported in September on the behavior of these Salafist radicals, which sent members of his group to hang out at the train stations in the southern borders and in refugee camps to recruit newcomers Muslims. A security service spokesman said the behavior of Bavaria: "Salafists are trying to talk to unaccompanied youth who have come to Germany without their families and are in particular need of support and connections.
"The Salafists are trying to use the plight of refugees in their own goals."

جرمن امام کا ایک لڑکی سے جنسی زیادتی

جرمن امام کا ایک لڑکی سے جنسی زیادتی، وجہ یہ بتائی گئی کہ یہ لڑکی ہاف ڈریس پہنتی تھی اور خوشبو لگاتی تھی
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