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Atlas Honda Responds To Another Price Increase Reports

اٹلس ہونڈا کا ایک اور قیمت میں اضافے کی رپورٹس پر جواب

Recently, a circular from Atlas Honda began circulating on social media, indicating that the company plans to raise prices for the fifth time in six months, starting in January 2021. , The company has not yet issued any official notice for price review in July 2021.

That being said, however, Atlas Honda’s prices have risen sharply this year, explaining why people would believe the news. The first price increase was announced on January 1, the second on February 1, the third on April 1 (for CD70 and CG125 only), and the fourth on May 3, 2021.

Atlas Honda Prices in 2021

Although these bikes have been essentially the same since the 1990s, their prices have skyrocketed. As the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan, Atlas Honda certainly has enough resources to introduce new and improved products in its line.

People’s frustration with the company and the government is justified, because the government does not care about unfair, repetitive and unreasonable price increases. Atlas Honda, on the other hand, has a great opportunity to take advantage of the lack of public concern about rising prices and the government’s leniency.

Given the current trend of price hikes by motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan, the next price hike is not far off, if not in July 2021.


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